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Album contents can be complex for some albums, such as conept albums. I have found at times there is no other way to handle these than to format them in html. (see )

I suggest an xml format might be suitable for notating album contents. LyricExtension can detect and transform these using XSL or php script to html, keeping the original wikitext clean and neat.

An example of the expected markup is:

<album artist="Pain Of Salvation" name="Be">
  <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Animae_Partus|Animae Partus]]''' ("I Am")</title></song>
  <chapter><title>'''I. Animae Partus ''All in the Image of'''''</title>
    <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Deus_Nova|Deus Nova]]''' (Fabricatio)</title></song>
    <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Imago|Imago]]''' (Homines Partus)</title></song>
    <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Pluvius_Aestivus|Pluvius Aestivus]]''' ''Of Summer Rain'' (Homines Fabula Initium)</title></song>
  <chapter><title>'''II. Machinassiah ''Of Gods & Slaves'''''
    <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Lilium_Cruentus|Lilium Cruentus]]''' (Deus Nova) ''On the Loss of Innocence''</title></song>
    <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Nauticus|Nauticus]]''' (Drifting)</title></song>
    <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Dea_Pecuniae|Dea Pecuniae]]'''</title>
      <section title="Mr. Money"/>
      <section title="Permanere"/>
      <section title="I Raise My Glass"/>
  <chapter><title>'''III. Machinageddon ''Nemo Idoneus Aderat Qui Responderet'''''
    <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Vocari_Dei|Vocari Dei]]''' ''Sordes Aetas - Mess Age''</title></song>
    <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Diffidentia|Diffidentia]]''' (Breaching the Core) ''Exitus - Drifting II''</title></song>
    <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Nihil_Morari|Nihil Morari]]''' (Homines Fabula Finis)</title></song>
  <chapter><title>'''IV. Machinauticus ''Of the Ones With no Hope'''''
    <song title="Latericius Valete"/>
    <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Omni|Omni]]''' ''Permanere?''</title></song>
    <song><title>'''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Iter_Impius|Iter Impius]]''' ''Martigena, son of Mars (Obitus Diutinus)''</title></song>
    <song title="Martius/Nauticus II"/>
  <chapter><title>'''V. Deus Nova Mobile ''...and a God is Born'''''
    <song title="Animae Partus II"/>

This would produce output looking like:

<ol><li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Animae_Partus|Animae Partus]]''' ("I Am")</li></ol>
'''I. Animae Partus ''All in the Image of'''''
<ol start=2><li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Deus_Nova|Deus Nova]]''' (Fabricatio)</li>
<li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Imago|Imago]]''' (Homines Partus)</li>
<li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Pluvius_Aestivus|Pluvius Aestivus]]''' ''Of Summer Rain'' (Homines Fabula Initium)</li></ol>
'''II. Machinassiah ''Of Gods & Slaves'''''
<ol start=5><li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Lilium_Cruentus|Lilium Cruentus]]''' (Deus Nova) ''On the Loss of Innocence''</li>
<li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Nauticus|Nauticus]]''' (Drifting)</li>
<li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Dea_Pecuniae|Dea Pecuniae]]'''</li>
<ol type=I><li>Mr. Money</li>
<li>I Raise My Glass</li></ol></ol>
'''III. Machinageddon ''Nemo Idoneus Aderat Qui Responderet'''''
<ol start=8><li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Vocari_Dei|Vocari Dei]]''' ''Sordes Aetas - Mess Age''</li>
<li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Diffidentia|Diffidentia]]''' (Breaching the Core) ''Exitus - Drifting II''</li>
<li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Nihil_Morari|Nihil Morari]]''' (Homines Fabula Finis)</li></ol>
'''IV. Machinauticus ''Of the Ones With no Hope'''''
<ol start=11><li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Latericius_Valete|Latericius Valete]]'''</li>
<li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Omni|Omni]]''' ''Permanere?''</li>
<li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Iter_Impius|Iter Impius]]''' ''Martigena, son of Mars (Obitus Diutinus)''</li>
<li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Martius/Nauticus_II|Martius/Nauticus II]]'''</li></ol>
'''V. Deus Nova Mobile ''...and a God is Born'''''
<ol start=15><li> '''[[Pain_Of_Salvation:Animae_Partus_II|Animae Partus II]]'''</li></ol>

Which would render as:

  1. Animae Partus ("I Am")

I. Animae Partus All in the Image of

  1. Deus Nova (Fabricatio)
  2. Imago (Homines Partus)
  3. Pluvius Aestivus Of Summer Rain (Homines Fabula Initium)

II. Machinassiah Of Gods & Slaves

  1. Lilium Cruentus (Deus Nova) On the Loss of Innocence
  2. Nauticus (Drifting)
  3. Dea Pecuniae
    1. Mr. Money
    2. Permanere
    3. I Raise My Glass

III. Machinageddon Nemo Idoneus Aderat Qui Responderet

  1. Vocari Dei Sordes Aetas - Mess Age
  2. Diffidentia (Breaching the Core) Exitus - Drifting II
  3. Nihil Morari (Homines Fabula Finis)

IV. Machinauticus Of the Ones With no Hope

  1. Latericius Valete
  2. Omni Permanere?
  3. Iter Impius Martigena, son of Mars (Obitus Diutinus)
  4. Martius/Nauticus II

V. Deus Nova Mobile ...and a God is Born

  1. Animae Partus II
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