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Template:Song test Part I: <lyrics> Mother: Look at my hands, I'm shaking, all my body is shaking.

Daughter: It was only a dream, mommy.

Mother: He was there... His car was parked there in the same gas station, all dressed in green, dark green. I couldn't move my head, but I was watching him in the mirror. Oh, it was horrible! His face was sort of erased, but I knew he was looking at me. Two invisible eyes, two invisible and monstrous eyes.

Daughter: Please stop, you're frightening me.

Mother: I'm sorry, butterfly. You shouldn't listen to mommy. Go back to sleep.

Daughter: I'm not tired anymore. I just want to get away from here.

Mother: Mommy needs some sleep too. We've got a long way to go tomorrow. Go back to sleep angel, mom is gonna keep the devil away. Now close your eyes, everything is fine, everything is light. Mom loves you more than any mom in the world. See you in the morning light where the birds sings with the sun. I love you, sweetie.

Daughter: I love you, mum... </lyrics>

Part II: <lyrics> Mother: Wake up, wake up!

Daughter: What's happening?

Mother: I felt his breath in my hair. He's here, I know he's here!

Daughter: Well start the car mum, hurry up!

Mother: I can't, I can't, I don't know what to do.

Daughter: Turn the key, please! Go! Go!

Mother: Where is he?

Daughter: He's right behind us, mom.

Mother: I told you...

Daughter: Mummy, I don't wanna die! ... He's gonna hit us. Faster, faster!

Mother: I can't, where is he? ... You just have to keep quiet. He must be so crazy right now. He is going to kill us for sure.

Daughter: Mom, mom...

Mother: Shut up!

Daughter: ...

Mother: It's too late, he was just there. He is always... </lyrics>

Part III: <lyrics> Mother: Look at my hands, I'm shaking, all my body is shaking.

Daughter: Mommy, it was only, mommy...

Mother: He was there, he was just there...

Daughter: Mommy!? </lyrics>

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