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Overview Students Managers Supervisors Administrators

Purpose of the User Manual

This document is to be delivered to the client in conjunction with the final working system. The user manual educates and demonstrates to the end user how to utilise the features of TimeShare.

The TimeShare system is meant users of varying roles including administrator, supervisor, Project Manager, and student. Therefore separate manuals and guides will be used to teach these groups how to use TimeShare. Each different user will only need to know about the parts of the system they have access to.

This Document should be separated into sections of each user type so that users only get the information that concerns them. The Supervisor and Administrator guides separated from the Project Manager and student guides.

Delivery of the User Manual

The Administration Manual tells the Administrator of the TimeShare system how to install and configure the software, then how to set up the system for general use. This guide would be best followed in hard-copy for ease of reference, portability, and probably only one copy will be needed.

The Supervisor User Manual will teach the different supervisors how to monitor their projects and how to keep in touch with students through feedback and comments. This user guide could also be followed better as hard copy or as a help file.

The Project Manager and Student guide will be combined into one because all group members should know the purpose and process of Status Reporting. This guide would be best suited to a presentation or lecture style delivery with diagrams and maybe a demonstration of the processes involved in using the system for these groups. A soft-copy version will also be available at any time online for later reference and for Distance students.

Overview Students Managers Supervisors Administrators
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